Housing & Care

The Bunny B&B caters for both outdoor and indoor pets, although we only have a limited number of hutches and cages ourselves, we can also accept pets who are brought to us in their own housing. We are also more than happy to cater for house bunnies who are not caged, please discuss this with us before booking. Our outdoor hutches are all at least 6ft, ensuring our guests have as much space as possible, however, no rabbit or guinea pig in our care will EVER be left sitting in their hutch all day, exercise and enrichment are a huge priority here and playtime will always be given. Our indoor guests are also given plenty of room to explore, with enclosures attached to their cages and access to a secure playroom (this is also available to outdoor guests in bad weather!) For bunnies and pigs who love grass, we have an expansive lawn and several large, secure runs - PERFECT for playtime when the weather allows. All of our accommodation is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with F10 veterinary disinfectant between uses to guarantee your pets are kept in a healthy, hygienic environment.

Guests will be housed on newspaper and hay (woodshavings and sawdust can cause serious respiratory problems in rabbits and guinea pigs and are therefore not recommended and not used here at The Bunny B&B.) Rabbits are provided with litter boxes which will be lined with either newspaper or safe litter and topped with fresh hay. If you do have a different preferred type of bedding (including fleece or vet bed) we will be happy to use that for your pets providing you supply us with enough for their stay or let us know in advance so we can get hold of some! We provide fresh hay, water, veggies, exercise and cuddles daily. All we ask that you bring your own dry food along, just incase we do not have the brand your pets are familiar with (we don't want any upset tummies). But you are, of course, welcome to bring any toys, treats etc along with you - we recommend doing this if possible, as home comforts will really help your pets settle in! Please let us know if there is anything in particular that your pets like/don't like, we aim to make them feel at home and make their stay with us as enjoyable as we can! We pride ourselves on our bespoke service and love catering to each animals individual needs.

The welfare of the animals in our care will always be our number one priority, for this reason we will provide your pets with daily health checks and be in contact with our local vet (Chaseview Veterinary Clinic) immediately should any signs of illness be spotted. We are more than happy to accept special needs pets and administer medication provided this is discussed before their arrival.